Why are there three types of Mötsenöcker’s LIFT OFF®?

Our scientific research has found that there are three distinct categories of spots and stains. Regardless of those “miracle ads” you see on TV, no single stain remover or cleaner can do it all! Product #1 is specially formulated to work on water or protein–based stains, such as pet stains or coffee. Product #2 is made to remove petroleum and natural oil stains, like chewing gum or crayons. Product #3 was created to remove pen, ink, marker and dyes, and is ideal for removing nail polish and correction fluid. Together, they’ll take care of all you stain removal needs.

Are products #1, 2 and 3 safe to use on fine clothing?

Just as safe as a trip to the dry cleaners…
When used as directed, Products #1 and 3 will not damage or discolor any colorfast garment — even an expensive suit. And Product #2 works even on non–colorfast fabrics such as madras. Just think of the money you’ll save on dry cleaning!

How do we treat delicate, non–washable fabrics like chiffon blouses, upholstery or neckties?

First, erase the stain by following the instructions found in accordance with the product number and stain being removed. Then blot the treated area thoroughly to ensure that any excess residue is removed. Finish up by using a hair dryer on medium heat. This eliminates excess dampness, preventing the formulation of water marks or rings.

If I get a stain on my carpet, do you have any special advice?

Yes, first apply Products #1, 2 or 3 according to the instructions for the specific stain. Then place a clean, white cloth or paper towels over the treated area, followed by something flat and heavy like a stack of books. In a few hours the towel will absorb any excess stain, dampness or residue. It is extremely important to get all of these out, since any area that is cleaned or dried improperly can become a magnet for new stains and dirt. If available, use a carpet stain extraction machine for best results. LIFT OFF® will neutralize the color of the stain but it is important to remove the dirt or stain after cleaning it.

We spilled coffee on our upholstered sofa. Is there any way to get it out?

Product #1 to the rescue! First, blot up any excess liquid. Then test for colorfastness on an inconspicuous area. Spray liberally, wait 60 seconds, and blot with a clean, white cloth or towel.

My daughter spilled mayonnaise on the tablecloth while trying to make a sandwich. What will take that out?

Simply use Products #1 and 2 together on the stain. Mayonnaise is a combination stain so you will be using Product #1 for the protein in egg and Product #2 for the salad oil. First, blot up any excess mayonnaise. Then test for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area. Spray both #1 and 2 (it does not matter in what order), wait 60 second and blot with a clean, white cloth or paper towel. Then launder as fabric recommendations allow.

Our son stuck a sticker on the door of his room. Is there a way to get it off without scraping?

Yes, with Product #2. Its patented formula readily penetrates stickers and labels, softening up the adhesive so it can be easily removed. However, if the sticker has a shiny coating or it is laminated, you will have to switch tactics and attack from the sides. Use a plastic spatula or scraper to peel an edge away, then spray on Product #2. Repeat until the sticker can safely be removed.

A crayon melted in the pocket of our daughter’s shirt, our washer and dryer after a trip through the laundry. What can we do?

Just reach for Product #2. Spray the pocket liberally, wait for 60 seconds and remove the loosened crayon. Then rub or agitate it with a brush, rinse thoroughly, and launder the shirt again. If melted crayon remains stuck in the drums of your washer or dryer, allow them to cool down. Spray the melted spots thoroughly and wipe them away. For the dryer, place a fabric softener sheet inside and run the dryer awhile to help deodorize the drum and collect any excess residue.

I fell asleep with all my makeup on. Now I have lipstick and eyeliner on my pillowcase. Can you help take if off?

Using Products #2 and 3 together will help eradicate the lipstick while, #2 alone will remove the eyeliner stain! Remember, since using the “wrong” LIFT OFF product will not set a stain, the order in which you apply Products #2 and 3 does not matter. First, remove any loose, dry material. Test for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area. Spray stain, rinse thoroughly, and wash out.

I am a school teacher, and my students always write on the dry erase boards, blackboards, and desks with the wrong markers. Can LIFT OFF help erase this kids’ graffiti?

Yes, Product #3 is specially formulated to take off pens, inks, dyes and markers. Simply spray the effected area liberally with Product #3. Wait at least 60 seconds, and wipe clean with a white cloth or paper towel.

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