Caulk & Foam Sealant Remover

Caulk & Foam Sealant Remover

Works On:
Wet or Dry Latex–Based Foams • Silicones • Foam Sealants • Caulk • Polyurethane Foams & Glues • Expansion Foams • Acrylic Latex Caulks • Construction Adhesives & More!

Safe On:
Hands • Tools • Fiberglass • Hard Surface • Flooring • Fabrics • Carpet • Ceramic • Stone • Wood • Plastic • Metal • Vinyl • Foam Application Equipment & More!

Environmentally Friendly:
Green Cross Certified • Low-VOC • Water-Based • Biodegradable

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  1. So. Last summer I decided to re-caulk the shower at my summer cabin “up north”. It’s a Wisconsin term. So, I chipped, chopped, broke, scrubbed and generally battled the old caulk for a day or two. On a trip to the hardware store for new caulk, I belatedly found to my DELIGHT Motsenbocker’s Silicone Latex Caulk and Etc. Remover. So, I bought some. Though THAT shower’s obnoxious caulk was in my past, one never knew when caulk would rear its ugly head once more.

    I also picked up a twin bottle of of Latex Paint Remover, as I was kind of in a hurry when I’d painted the cabin.

    Fast forward to my current weekend. Living in an older apartment, (cabin up north closed for the winter) I decided to re-caulk my ancient porcelain tub. Now, here’s my mistake…(my excuse: fast approaching my sixtieth birthday), I FORGOT that I had the above-mentioned magic Motsenbocker’s products. Alas, I spend four hours of Saturday battling the obnoxious caulk. Finally, got it to where I could apply the new caulk and went to bed happy.

    Sunday, so satisfied with Saturday’s project, I decided to replace the faucet on the bathroom sink. One thing led to another, and I popped the sink out. There, staring at me was the same obnoxious old concrete caulk that I’d battled all day Saturday. Determined not to repeat foolishness, (and prevent the downstairs neighbors from calling the cops for all the racket beating on the bathtub) I started pouring things on it: hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, vinegar, ketchup, cottage cheese (kidding)…I went to the basement for more armaments. SOMETHING must dissolve this stuff. There, sitting quietly on a shelf was the unopened bottle of Motsenbockers from the little hardware store up north. Ah HA! The caulk on the sink took a mere 20 minutes to dissolve, scrape and result in a clean surface to re-caulk.

    Mr. Motsenbocker, you are my hero!

    PS. Sorry this was so long, but you had to get the full effect.

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