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Mötsenböcker Advanced Developments, Inc. is an organization that Gregg A. Mötsenböcker established to market and distribute a patented formula that he had created. This product, referred to as the Original Formula, was created as a safe and effective remover for all types of greasy and sticky problems such as: motor oil, stickers, chewing gum, salad dressings and a host of other Oily Stains.

As he began talking with customers, he discovered the real need for a simple, yet effective method for cleaning many stains on all surfaces, but without the complexities or cost of buying a lot of different products. Through his research, a simple system of not only categorizing, but cleaning these stain problems was developed.

From the onset, the Mötsenböcker’s Lift Off® Stain Remover Kit has provided customers with a simple and effective method for removing stains. With the addition of two patented formulations, commonly referred to as #1 and #3, Gregg had created a Stain Remover Kit, in combination with the Original #2 formula.

Now there have been many stain remover kits before, with as many as 39 different products, while there have also been many “one answer” products, claiming that one cleaner does it all. This is what creates the uniqueness of the Mötsenböcker’s Lift Off®, with a system of 3 products developed to effectively remove all of the common every day stains, from virtually any surface.

The addition of products #4 and #5, helps both contractors and consumers tackle the difficult tasks of cleaning unsightly graffiti and latex paint respectively.

Our goals continue to be centered around the development of environmentally safe products that will help our customers effectively solve life’s everyday little problems.

All of us at Mötsenböcker’s Lift Off® thanks each one of our customers for their continued patronage of our family of products. May your life be filled with less little problems…

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